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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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fired from a police officer's gun. and this afternoon, at this expanded crime scene, you can see detectives are back out here collecting evidence. all of this beginning as a shootout between the officer and the suspect. one of the bullets ending up in the little girl's room where she was watching tv. >> she said, my baby got shot. >> reporter: describing the moments of panic as she watched her neighbor run screaming outside her home. moments after a stray bullet pierced the siding of her house in asbury park. the wayward bullet grazing the forehead of her little girl inside watching tv. this picture is of her in her hospital bed just after getting stitches last night. >> being a mother, she was panicking. i was panicking. everybody on the block was panicking. >> she was holing her daughter in the towel. i flaked the officer and said, come, come, her kid. >> reporter: the bullet come prosecuting a shootout between police and a man police
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confronted wednesday night. they say the suspect was trying to get away and began shooting at police who fired back. >> she had like to duck because stray bullets. >> reporter: he livers next door to the little girl. >> i heard it so loud. >> they went back to back. about eight shots. >> reporter: police back collecting evidence this morning and say the suspect was also hit by a bull net the gun fight but not seriously hurt. he is now in custody at a local hospital. and many here know the shooter and his family. >> he had some troubles but he's not a bad guy. we all grew up together. so i think all of this nonsense around here, cops and alike need to cut it out. >> reporter: now back live, we can tell you that no police officers were injured during the shooting and that little girl is out of the hospital this afternoon. the suspect expected to make a full recovery as well. so far, no charges have been filed.
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this case now turned over to the county prosecutor's office. reporting live this afternoon, new jersey, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. after ducking questions from the press corp yesterday, mayor de blasio is holding an open availability in puerto rico today. she packed her bags to demand answer. >> reporter: sunny puerto rico is a far cry from the pressing problem of homelessness and crime in new york city. over 1600 miles to be exact. but that's how far i had to come to try and ask mayor de blasio questions about what goes on in the big apple. he came here to participate in a rally later today on the island's nation's health care needs and governor cuomo beat him to the it. >> are you taking off topic questions today? >> i take any questions that you want to ask. i'm going to refer them to the government of puerto rico. i will take any question you ask. >> reporter: a stark contrast to mayor de blasio whose press secretary told me yesterday
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at a public event was, believe it or not, off limits to me. she made it it a point to sit beside me and wave me off. >> we're not taking questions today. >> reporter: still, i tried. what about transparency? these days for mayor only approved once a week. transparent mayor -- >> he is being transparent. >> when he takes questions witness once a week. >> the definition is not when a reporter decides he or she abouts to answer the question. that does not equal transparency. >> reporter: the mayor will hold a media availability in a few hours but it's unclear how many questions he will take. in puerto rico, cbs 2 news. >> and you can see what happens in her reports tonight on cbs 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00. the ntsb is sending an investigator to the site of a small plane crash off breezy point. one body has been recovered and
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of the wreckage at this hour. andrea grymes has this report from queens. >> reporter: on land, in the air, and on the water, the nypd and fdny have spent hours looking for more debris from last night's deadly plane crash, a crash that's left many residents shaken. >> i'm upset. i'm upset. >> from my living room, all you can do the is see lights and sirens. >> reporter: john says he was on the beach when he saw a small aircraft fly by in a way that caused him to take extra notice. we heard the plane coming and looked up and it was really low. and i said, that's strange. >> reporter: and not long after, around 7:30 p.m., police sources say say a 911 caller -- sources say a 911 caller reported seeing a low-flying plane. he is not sure it was the same aircraft but says it's a strange coincidence. >> joyriding around.
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i don't know if that was the plane that crashed but it was really low. and we noticed it because all my neighbors heard it. >> reporter: the nypd recovered the body of the male pilot around 11:00 p.m. we're told he was the only one onboard the two-seater plane. this morning, nypd sources told us they think they now have most of the wreckage. the tail and fuselage were separated, believed to be on impact but were recovered largely intact. we are told the plane took off from philadelphia and was heading to new hampshire. >> as bad as it is, it could have hit a house. >> reporter: a ntsb spokesperson says he expects an investigator to arrive onearly this afternoon to start figuring out exactly why this plane went down. in breezy point, queen, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. police want to find a hit- and-run driver who left a mountain of wrecked cars. take a look at the pictures from avenue r. the force of the
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collision sent a suv on top of another car. in all, six vehicles were damaged. this morning, the street was littered with broken glass and debris and investigators trying to determine what kind of vehicle caused the mess. in bronx, a truck hit a woman as she crossed the street this morning. the 55-year-old died in the accident at the intersection of brian avenue. no charges were filed against the driver. the cause of a manhole fire in midtown is under investigation. the fire department closed off 53rd street between 7th and 8th avenues this morning after smoke was seen coming from the manhole. crews responded looking for the source. a few businesses were without power. and some billingsed as a precaution. no one was hurt. top british officials believe that the terrorists may have put a bomb aboard the russian plane that crashed in egypt on saturday. but egyptian officials are warning about jumping to conclusions. >> reporter: as russian search teams haul away more evidence to determine what caused the
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jetliner to crash in the egyptian desert, british officials have a theory. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb. but it looks increasingly like leily that that was the case. >> reporter: as a safety precaution, the british prime minister david cameron grounded all flights to and from the airport. the doomed plane took off from the resort town last saturday before it broke apart 23 minutes into the flight, killing off 224 people onboard. egypt's president told the prime minister airport security in his country is tight and there is no evidence of terrorism. new video reportedly taken shortly after the crash shows smoke rising from the wreckage. and the egyptian ambulance workers on the scene. aviation experts say if there was a bomb, wreckage and bodies will provide the evidence. >> there are going to be certain types of markings on the body.
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things, certain types of markings inside the airplane. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say it's too soon to speculate if a bomb or a mechanical malfunction brought the plane down. cbs 2 news, london. >> investigators say it could flight recorders. no apology from the director quentin tarantino for shootings. ho spoke at a rally against police brutality. he referred to deadly shootings by police as murders. quentin tarantino says he never meant that all cops are murder, just officers involved in certain high profile cases but police unions are furious. >> they want to demonize me. they want to slander me. it's easier to faint outrage and start arguments with celebrities than to deal with the fact that the citizen ring leader has lost trust -- -- that the citizens have lost
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trust in them. plenty more ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon. find out how you can save some money if you're traveling over the thanksgiving weekend. plus -- >> i didn't know what happened until i saw the video. and then my heart sank. >> we are hearing from the uber passenger who was arrested for attacking a driver. and trying to capture a the garden state parkway. >> well, there's that. and we've got some raindrops if the city and around the area. what's in store for your
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a marketing executive caught on camera violently attacking an uber driver is finally speaking out about it. the passenger is apologizing for the attack that got him arrested and fired from his job. >> i have been trying not to read what's being said but, you know, i'm not that person. so if people could understand it. >> reporter: in an interview, ben golden, the newport beach man seen beating an uber driver his silence. >> that's not me in the video. you know, the it's not me. and it was hard to watch. and i'm ashamed. and what's taken me so long to
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talk to anybody is i have been scared. >> reporter: but police say it was golden who assaulted the 23- year-old october 30th when he was asked to get out of the car. after golden couldn't give an address where he was going. we showed the victim golden's interview. >> that's the only him that i i know. it was him who had the first drink. it was him who made the decision to go out that night. it was him who made the decision to get into the uber. >> reporter: he says any apology golden wants to offer isn't welcome. >> i don't trust him. because i'm not -- i'm not sure he would feel the same way if this didn't go viral. i don't know whether he's crying because he's been outed. >> reporter: golden is facing charges of assault and disorderly conduct. >> i worked so hard and i had a stupid night that is my fault. and i've thrown everything away. >> reporter: he told me he is afraid of golden. he says if he ever showed up at the front door the to apologize, he would run.
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>> golden pleaded guilty to a dui charge three years ago although he says he does not think he has a drinking problem. with three weeks until thanksgiving, time is running out to avoid rising airline prices. to find deal, consider splitting a round-trip ticket between two different airlines. clear the cookies in the blousier. some websites will offer lower prices to what they believe is a new visitor. and don't fly the wednesday before or the sunday after thanksgiving. they are the most expensive days to travel. the pair of goats roaming the garden state parkway have been herded back to safety. human society officials did capture the goats this morning. drivers spotted the animals yesterday. animal control officers were able to steer them away from the parkway. they'll likely be transported to a humane society farm to live with animals. >> that is good news.
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time is now 12:14. a surprising discovery. human remains of about a dozen people buried in washington square park. a sign that winter is on the way. but before we see snow, john
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a city official and archaeologist are in washington square park today after human remains buried more than a hundred years ago were discovered. we have more from the scene. >> did that creep you out a little bit? >> it does, yeah. >> reporter: a bizarre and surprising discovery beneath this construction site along washington square park east. a burial vault dating back to the 19th century with a large pile of human remains. people in the neighborhood fascinated by the find. >> it doesn't creep me out as much as it just intrigues me. >> i think that's really cool. i do. i think that's awesome. washington square park used to actually be like a burial site so i mean it makes sense that they found bones. >> reporter: the remains are steps away from washington square park which was used as a potters field, a public burial place after the revolutionary war. the vault which is about eight feet deep, 15 feet wide and 20 feet long contain the remains of more than a dozen people.
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people now curious about who the remains could belong to and how the bones survived hundreds of years. >> that would be interesting to figure out who they are. >> i would think they wouldn't have been preserved that long. >> reporter: the commission we are the department of design and construction tells us by phone they'll be working with the landmark's preservation commission to investigate this discovery. >> as soon as the workers were able -- found something that was like out of the norm, they immediately implemented the protocol so that we can start looking in more detail at what was happening. >> and this was not the first time. it happened back in 2008 during a soil testing project by city crews. denver, colorado is getting hit by its first snowstorm of the season. the snow dusting the foothills outside the city. temperatures have dropped 20 degrees in the last few days.
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expected to top out at about 43 degrees. >> they can keep that. >> yeah, we like it warm here. >> our temperatures are going to drop but we don't have that. >> yeah, it's warmer in new york today than it is in denver and even phoenix. >> really? >> yeah. this big flip. we have cold air out west. in fact, weather watchers backing me up. some pretty mild readings. 66, it's november. and dan the man says 66 with some clouds. a little bit of rain this morning. and we have even 68, look at that, for tammy there in rockaway. and pictures too. we have clouds and fog this morning. and i'll tell you what, don't forget the leaves. any moisture on the leaves and it makes things slippery. watch out for that. we could see more showers on friday. and in the city, a break from the wet weather. and we still have the clouds overhead. and still very mild, 66. winds are calm, relative humidity at 84%. and numbers around the area, not a huge spread here because
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the clouds tend to regulate and keep the numbers close together. and basically 63 to 70. and these numbers though compared to yesterday, yes that's right, it's cooler. a little cooler this afternoon. so likely not the 70s but hey, the normal high is 57. so way above that. and 78 and 23 the records. sunsets at 4:48. not a lot of sun but breaks now and then. and the record, we're going to see records tomorrow, probably not in newark. the old record is 80. we are forecasting 77 tomorrow. but we could tie the record in the city. and we could break the record at laguardia and jfk. parts of new jersey could hit 80 degrees tomorrow. that's the normal high for the 17th of september. so a late summer feel tomorrow. and the rain dan is talking about through nassau county, north shore and fairfield county as well. and another batch into morris county. and more showers. and then this is the big kind of upside down program that we're talking about.
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you've got snow out west down into the four corners. and here comes that front. so my concern is a little bit of shower activity for you this afternoon. fog overnight tonight. and then a shower tomorrow morning. and then watch what happens during the day on friday. you get a bit of a break. that's when we warm up with the southwest wind. and then that front pushes through. and it's a cold front. so no snow. but a 20-degree drop almost from friday to sunday because of that. so it is going to be unsettled but definitely not denver- esque. it will be mild today and tomorrow. >> and back to seasonal after that. >> yeah, back to the fall. >> thanks, john. stephanie tantillo has your >> reporter: hey. so while we're in am season, one of the first and probably most popular apples we see on the east coast are honey crisp apples. they have a tartness of a granny smith but still sweet, similar to a golden delicious.
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combination of flavors and it's great for bake, eating out of things. make sure they have a nice beautiful shine to it. and it should have a mixture of color, dark red, some lighter red and a little bit of green and yellow. make sure it's not too green but definitely want the mixture. and now when you bring the apples home, a rule of thumb, i know they look beautiful on the counter and they give off the amazing scent but store them in the fridge. that way they keep the crispness and hold juices better and last longer. when it comes to eating them, out of hand, they're fantastic. great for you. nutritional power house, especially with fiber. but these apples bake very well. and i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. >> all right.
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that story is next. coming up on cbs 2 news at fears with virtual reality. how doctors are treating patients with technology. and at 6:00, rating day care centers like restaurants. two law makers say now is the time to give child care providers letter grades. those stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news at 5:00. there's a company working to save the planet one pencil at a time. they have created pencils you
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